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Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game
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Updated Production Schedule & New Update Schedule
12 days ago – Fri, Nov 10, 2017 at 12:04:30 AM

Hey Deadite Slayers!

Good news ahead! We just got off a much anticipated Skype call with our manufacturer and we come bearing some groovy updates. Here's the new version of the production calendar:


We're just about done with making the molds. This weekend we're working on approving all the printed components with the manufacturer to begin print proofs next week alongside mold testing. We'll be getting photos of that process since it all happens in house for the manufacturer.

Something else you may have noticed: I initially estimated production days based on six-day weeks. The manufacturer confirmed that their timelines are based on calendar days. This shortens our production time by about a month!

We also got confirmation that games with unpainted figures can ship out before sets with painted. We're going through all the nitty gritty details of this option so we know what we're getting into with it, but we're currently pretty confident we can make it work.

Lastly, we're slowing down updates on Evil Dead 2 down to monthly. With everything running on course, you can look forward to monthly summaries of progress. If something requires immediate attention, such as a change in schedule for better or worse or any big announcements, we'll post as needed.

Have a groovy weekend, folks.

Team Space Goat

Early Domestic Rewards Arriving & Omnibus Kickstarter
28 days ago – Wed, Oct 25, 2017 at 01:48:46 AM

Hey Backers,

Some of you have expressed concern over the launch of the Evil Dead 2 Omnibus and Art Book Kickstarter campaign. The community of Kickstarter is built on trust, so we wanted to talk through these concerns.

As a production company and comic book publisher, we cannot stop making our other products while one product is delayed. Board games are an important aspect of our business, but so too are our comic books and graphic novels, our merchandise and apparel, and the commercial and custom art services we provide.

We discussed in great depth within our office, with our licensor, with trusted advisers, and—most importantly—you, our backers, and ran a poll to determine the timing of this Kickstarter. We decided to move forward with production and release of these books, which have been on our publishing schedule for over a year. The files for these books have long since been assembled and are ready to go. Not only was it important for us to honor the 30th anniversary of Evil Dead 2 by launching and promoting the book in 2017, it was also a contractual obligation we have with our licensor.

I can say with absolute certainty that no one was more upset than us by the news that Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game would be significantly delayed. We’ve renegotiated the launch date of The Howling: The Official Board Game with the licensor, which was slated and marketed to launch in late Autumn. This campaign will not launch before Evil Dead 2 board games ship, but this is not an option for all of our contracts and commitments.

The softcover Omnibus and Art Book had already been solicited with our distributors and so we had committed to printing these books on schedule regardless of the hardcover campaign. Keeping the rest of our business operating while Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game is in production is vital to us seeing this game and our future library of products thrive.

We’re constantly overwhelmed by the positivity and support we receive from our backers. I had the personal pleasure of meeting a couple at a local showing of the Evil Dead Musical just last weekend. We’ll keep striving to bring you the best Evil Dead 2 grooviness we can.

And here’s how we’re doing it:

Early domestic rewards have been shipped out! The guys at Gamerati, our domestic order fulfillment center, were wonderful to work with in getting these packages shipped. An amusing side note: The delivery pick-up guy was also a backer of the game, so he got an impromptu tour of the warehouse. If you’re reading this now, that’s such a cool coincidence!

Our main man Ed (no, not that Ed) surveying his good work.
Our main man Ed (no, not that Ed) surveying his good work.


Isn't this how some horror movies start: A warehouse full of sinister objects...?
Isn't this how some horror movies start: A warehouse full of sinister objects...?


Here a couple Completely Random COAs that we took a picture of for no reason in particular.
Here a couple Completely Random COAs that we took a picture of for no reason in particular.


The above pictures were actually taken last week, but I missed including them in previous updates. In fact, some backers have already begun receiving their rewards! Here are just a few of the pictures we’ve seen posted up on Facebook and Twitter so far. Be sure to tag us when your rewards arrive; we’d love to see them come in!




Lastly, a few updates ago we provided a couple of coupons to use on our online store as a small token of gratitude to you all for backing this campaign and for your patience while the game is produced. These coupons are deaditehunter and applehead and both are still active and stackable; they’ll get you 30% off your order and free shipping over $100 respectively. I recommend the coloring book: It’s got dot-to-dot deadites, a crossword where the only word is “groovy”, and a bunch of rad lineart from the comics and game cards. Or spread those coupon codes on the dark web so anybody can use them, thus inciting chaos into the world. 

When the going gets good, the good get groovy,

Taylor, on behalf of Team Space Goat

PS. As promised, here’s the updated calendar graphic:


Manufacturing: Ever Onwards!
about 1 month ago – Thu, Oct 19, 2017 at 11:45:07 PM

Hey Backers,

There was some confusion with the last update! "Giant Pause Button" was a pretty poor choice of words for the title of the update and it very understandably caused some frustration. To be totally clear: Golden Week is a very common and well-known holiday in China (there's another one in January/February) during which an accounted for stasis in production occurred, resulting in not having as much to report as usual in the update.

Here's a handy visual of the production road ahead:

This graphic will be edited and posted in each new production update!
This graphic will be edited and posted in each new production update!


Please note all dates are estimates based on a count of days given for each stage. Weeks are counted as six days, excluding Sunday, based on the Chinese work week. Figure painting has been estimated at its maximum time of 30 days (plus a week for Lunar New Year). Shipping has not been included in this graphic in order to keep the focus on the dates of production alone.

We're also happy to announce the Kickstarter for the Evil Dead 2 Omnibus, Art Book, and a ton of neat collectibles—like props designed by Tom Sullivan.



This campaign does not affect any aspect of Evil Dead 2 production. I'm personally pretty hands off that campaign, all content is 100% done and has been for months (we were really hoping the board game would've shipped by now), and it's printed by a different company. I hope you'll check it out and share it with your fellow Deadite-hunting, boomstick-wielding friends.

Getting groovier by the day,

Taylor, on behalf of Team Space Goat

Golden Week: Or, The Giant Pause Button
about 1 month ago – Wed, Oct 18, 2017 at 01:31:32 AM

Hey backers,

Are you ready for probably the driest update to date?? It's normal-Taylor again, here to talk manufacturing!

For today's production update, I'm quoting chunks from the last big, key email from October 8 between the manufacturer and I. This struck me as the easiest, most direct way to communicate how things are going. The italic pieces are from the manufacturer, followed by annotations written by me now for this update.

Sorry for keep you waiting. Government put two holidays together for making a long holiday season. (1 week) They want this to encourage the traveling business. But it harm the factories here…

The holiday being referenced here is "Golden Week", a national holiday that occurs twice a year in China in which virtually all businesses close down for at least a week. The one in January/February is more well known as the Lunar New Year; this one is for National Day.

Here is the update and plan:

Final stl files to you: Next Monday once they back from the holiday.

Though all the figures have been revised and approved for a few weeks now, we're still waiting on the final STL files. Those are the 3D files we use with our 3D printers and what we generate 2D renders from. We expected these in yesterday, but they haven't come in yet. They're important for us, but there are definitely higher priorities.

Rest Sculpture to you: Next Monday once DHL back from the holiday.

The manufacturer is shipping the physical samples of the revised figures to us to have. We have all the previous figures, which we've shared pictures of, so it'll be nice to have the family all together. Again, this is important stuff, but not the highest priority.

Molding: I will arrange the molding order tomorrow once the mold factory back to work. And as we agreed, attached here is the molding fee. Totally now 17 moldings. We share the cost of two added molds with you Once you confirm, we will send you the invoice for your payment.

We've received and arranged payment with this invoice, so everything is golden here. "Tomorrow" refers to Monday the 9th, so that day is the beginning of our 30 day timetable for mold production. I think we've mentioned that "17 molds" number before, which is pretty high; the reference to the molds being shared are for the figures the manufacturer misunderstood the size of. They're splitting the cost of those molds with us because of the misunderstanding, which was pretty cool of them. As recently as yesterday, we got a production question on the mold, which means progress is going as expected.

Arrange another meeting on Oct 12th around: We need to discuss about the painting. We need to discuss about other elements, like artwork. My proposal is after those to be confirmed, we can make mock up sample here while molding.

Part of the reason this update is late is that the above-mentioned conversation hasn't happened yet. The painting we need to discuss is what was mentioned in the last update: how much painting will affect production schedule, if it makes sense to ship in two waves, and if it's worth anyone's while to opt out of paints (which, of course, you're all still able to do, if you'd like).

The "other elements, like artwork" he references there is pretty much everything but the figures: Box, cards, rules, etc. Those files have been sitting finished as PDFs in our Drive folder for months, waiting for this very moment to shine. We're still on track to have production on these line up with the figures finishing, so all the final pieces can come together at the same time.

And then he said thanks, asked if there were any questions, and signed off with warm regards. He's a pretty nice guy. I'll be posting an intermediary update once we have another big production update.

TLDR: China has a week long vacation in October, but it was accounted for. We're on schedule, but not a ton of new stuff to show.

Keep it groovy out there.

Taylor, on behalf of Team Space Goat

Production: Figures 100%, Making Molds, Paints
about 2 months ago – Mon, Oct 02, 2017 at 12:43:00 AM

Hey Deadite Hunters!

Happy 1st of Halloween—that's what this month is called, right?

Anyway, here's what's going on:

We encourage you to include this figure as a cameo in all your board games.
We encourage you to include this figure as a cameo in all your board games.


It took a couple days longer than expected to get this final file in, but we're happy with it. The Classic was the last figure to be officially approved, which it was on Friday. It'll be included in mold #7 (of 14), so production on the first couple molds started a couple days earlier. That 30 day countdown for mold production has begun and we'll be updating as we go along.

A question popped up a couple of times in the comments and we're glad it did: Will paints add extra time to production timeline we gave? We went back to the manufacturer to confirm, since we assumed it was included in "production time", and it turns that it will add extra time. Here are some questions we're still waiting on answers for: By exactly how long? Can we make the painting process easier? Would it make sense to ship in two waves? What if some folks want to opt out of paints? We'll let you know as those answers come in.

We're happy to report those items that will be shipped early to US backers made it to our order fulfillment hub. It took two trips, one on Friday and one of Saturday; we're talking on the phone tomorrow and we'll get that delivery schedule.

Hope you had a groovy weekend,

Team Space Goat